We all know that a good balance of exercising and dieting leads to improved physical fitness, but few realize the importance of taking care of your joints as well. Your joint health is hugely important, as is strengthening those oft-overlooked areas. Without strong joints, you’ll never be able to reach your full strength potential.

Your joints connect your bones together and provide for free, easy body movement. Many gym-goers are focusing on building strong muscles, but without strong joints, your future health may be in jeopardy. So, without further ado, here are workouts that can hinder joint health, along with those exercises that can help you achieve stronger joints.

Workouts That Can Hurt Your Joints:

Behind The Neck Lat Pulldown

Our professional trainers always recommend avoiding almost every exercise that makes you bring your arms behind your neck. These workouts can negatively impact your shoulder joints, so be sure to do these in front of your face.

Standing Plyometric Exercises WITH Weights

We often see members performing jump squats or jumping jacks with heavy weights in their hand, and we always step in to correct their form. The heavier load of the weights can cause damage to your knees, hips, and back. Tip: just leave the weights for the non-plyometric workouts!

Triceps Dip

This exercise does naturally create a triceps burn, but at the expense of the health of your shoulder joints, as it’s another unnatural motion.


We all want 6-pack abs, but there are other, safer core exercises that you can leverage. Sit-ups can harm your hips, back and spine, especially the important discs in your back.

Workouts That Can Strengthen Your Joints:

Squat To Overhead Barball Press

This is a great example of an exercise that can strengthen multiple muscle groups and joints at once.

Barbell Triceps Extension

Another great workout to target your triceps without putting your joints in harm’s way.

Kettlebell Swing

Strengthen your hip muscles and joints safely by taking advantage of our many kettlebells, all while increasing your range of motion.

Standing Military Press

We’ve talked about a few different exercises that can hurt your shoulder joints, so here’s an example of a great, joint-approved workout that focuses on your upper body, and, more specifically, your shoulders.

Remember, your form is imperative to avoid injuries to your muscles and joints, both now and in the future. Nervous about where to start? Make sure to speak with one of our many professionally certified personal trainers who can help you perfect your form and workout routine!