There is more to exercise than running mile after mile on a treadmill. Strength training is an important component of exercise for everyone – including marathoners – and comes with benefits like more muscle mass, weight loss, stronger bones, and more. Trying it out can be intimidating, however, especially if you find yourself standing next to someone who looks like a bodybuilder operating a machine full of levers and pulleys.

Club Metro USA is a gym for everyone, and we’re here to help you upgrade your workout. Today, we’ll be discussing some strength training tips for beginners. Try them out for yourself, and don’t forget our helpful staff and team of certified personal trainers are here to help at any time!

Keep It Simple

If you find massive weights and complex machines intimidating, you’re not alone. We know that learning how to strength train and how to properly operate exercise equipment can be one step too many for some beginners. The good news is that you don’t need anything to start strength training!

Feel free to start your new routine with bodyweight exercises. They are plenty challenging and still offer a lot of benefits. Simple moves like squats and push-ups are tried-and-true exercises for people of any experience level, and as you become more comfortable with the amenities offered at your gym, you may find yourself expanding your workout to include things like kettlebells, TRX straps, resistance bands, and more. Someday, you can be the person deadlifting those giant weights you saw!

Learn Proper Technique

Exercising isn’t just about how much weight you’re using — it’s also about how you’re using it. Proper technique is crucial to make sure you stay injury-free and get the most out of your workout. If you’re looking for resources, then you can look to this blog and other sources online for advice. You can also invest in a personal training session or two to ensure you are starting out on the right track. You’ll get advice that is customized to your fitness goals and an expert opinion to make sure you’re doing it right.

Find the Right Weight

The amount of weight you use in each exercise is, of course, also instrumental when it comes to strength training. Finding the right weight will take some experimentation. You should be able to make it through all your planned reps, but you should be feeling fatigued by the end of each set. Make sure you’re able to maintain proper form throughout the exercise. If you can breeze through set after set without feeling challenged, then go up in weight. If you’re ever unsure of what weight you should choose, err on the side of caution and go lighter than you think you need.

Are you ready to try out these strength training tips? Find a Club Metro USA gym near you, and take advantage of membership rates as low as $19.99 a month! We have plenty of space for you to try out different kinds of strength training workouts, and a personal training team ready to work with you. Don’t forget to look for part two of this series for more tips, and take the first step toward achieving your fitness goals today with Club Metro USA.